Collection and Use of Information


We will collect and store following information from client, investor and trading partners at times,

1) Corporate/Personal information, including identity, address, contact info, etc.;

2) When browsing our website, the system may automatically collect technical information through cookies or other ways;

2) Derivative information, including information reflecting specific business needs from the processing and analysis of original information such as consumer habit, business plan, etc.;

3) Other information obtained from the transaction or other communications.


1) 公司/个人身份信息,包括身份、地址、联系人信息等;

2) 浏览我们的网站时,系统可能通过cookies或其他方式自动采集的技术信息;

3) 衍生信息,包括商业规划、消费习惯等对原始信息进行处理、分析所形成的能够反映特定经营需求的信息等;

4) 业务往来或者交流过程中获取、保存的其他信息;


We will use the above information in following ways,

1) Business promotion or operation management;

2) Analysis and organization of information to understand client counts and needs, etc.;

3) Other ways for us to provide better services.


1) 发展业务或管理运营;

2) 分析、统计以计算客户数量,了解客户需求等;



Share of Information


We highly value privacy and safeguard the security of client’s information. Hence, we will not sell or disclose any information that could be traced back to you without your consent. We might share the collected information with our domestic and abroad affiliates, we undertake that all involved affiliates will safeguard the information security with best efforts and comply with our corporate policy.



Update of Disclaimer


We reserve the right to modify or formulate this disclaimer or other rules and notify concerned parties on our website without other separate notification to every concerned party. The updated disclaimer or rules shall be effective once the notification is published on our website. If you disagree with it in any way, please contact us immediately. If you did not notify us in valid period, you will be deemed to have accepted all related changes.





We normally will collect and apply your information after your consent or recognition of this disclaimer, however, under specific circumstances such as exchanging business cards, business transaction or you initiate the provision of relevant information, you have already the reasonable expectations on our collection and use of your information, we will not ask for your consent beforehand and the collection and use will be conducted per this Disclaimer.



Governance and Application of Law


The draft, execution and interpretation shall be conducted according to applicable laws of PRC. Any discrepancy between this disclaimer and applicable laws shall render the articles in question to be reinterpreted whereas other articles remain valid. In case of any disputes arising from the execution of this disclaimer, any party can apply for arbitration to Shanghai Arbitration Commission.



You confirmed that you had read and understood the above articles and you have authorized us accordingly or agrees with our above requests or conditions, we will use and share the information within the abovementioned scope, you have fully realized that we will use the information legally. To provide you with better product and service, you have hereby authorized us to send you business promotion information (including the activities other than those producing the information involved). If you don’t want to accept other business promotion information from us, please contact us and we will cease concerned activities.

您已经仔细阅读并确认理解了上述条款, 并对以上要求或者条件予以认可,本公司将在上述范围内使用和对外提供客户的信息,客户应当充分认识到本行将对客户信息的合理合法使用。为了向客户提供更好的产品以及服务,客户在此允许本公司向您不定期的发送营销活动信息(包含产生信息以外的本公司其他营销活动)。您若不需要接受本公司产生信息以外的本行其他营销活动信息,请联系本公司,本公司确认后,将不再发送。