Professionals Sep18


“The Lawyer” The lawyer must exercise the professional activity with independence, loyalty, fairness, integrity, dignity, decorum, diligence and competence, taking into account the importance of the constitutional and social protection, respecting the principles of fair and loyal comp...

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M&A en Oct29

M&A en

Without any doubt, one of the advantages of D’Andrea & Partners Law Firm is to provide legal assistance to companies in operations of special administration, such as merger and acquisitions. In this area the lawyers of D’Andrea & Partners Law Firm have provided their services in reno...

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FDI en Oct29

FDI en

In China, D’Andrea & Partners Law Firm takes advantage of a network of widespread knowledge on the vast territory of China, which endowed itself with an added value for the companies hoping to invest in China in a successful and rapid manner. The Law Firm offers services in the dire...

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Over the years, D’Andrea & Partners Law Firm has developed strong experience in assisting Italian, Chinese and other foreign private equity funds in operation of acquisitions of majority stakes but also the minority, administering the legal part from the entry stage to the exit stage of th...

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The Law Firm has profound knowledge in this legal area and has created a specific department in China specializing in the protection and utilization of intellectual properties such as trademarks, patents, models of utility, protection of trade secrets, know-how, copyright of names and domains and other companies’ distinctive sig...

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私募股权融资 Oct29



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D’Andrea & Partners Law Firm has extensive experience in both judicial litigation and arbitration. Such experience is based on profound knowledge of law, latest case publications and knowing how to evaluate the evidence which its clients possess. The Law Firm is able to provide legal services in any kind of disputes of corpo...

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D’Andrea & Partners Law Firm offers assistance to its clients in the determination and selection of the types of commercial contracts most appropriate to the specific situation, assisting its clients in market penetration in China, Italy and other foreign countries, paying due attention to the complexity of administrative pr...

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D’Andrea & Partners Law Firm offers its assistance to Italian and foreign clients in the field of labor law, social insurance and also labor union issues. The Law Firm provides services in both the recruitment and dismissal of top management and key staff, providing particular restrictions. The Law Firm has suc...

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