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February 2015


China’s General Office of the State Council released the “Circular on the Arrangement of Certain Holidays in 2015 (guobanfamingdian [2014] No.28)” on December 16 and announced the official national holiday schedule for 2015 as follows:


New Year’s Day

元旦 Yuándàn

From 01.01 to 03.01 (3 days)

Legal Holiday: 01.01 (1 day)

Days of rest: 02/03.01

Working day: 04.01 (Sunday)


Spring Festival

春节 Chūnjié

From 18.02 to 24.02 (7 days)

Legal Holiday: from 18.02 to 20.02 (3 days)

Days of rest: from 21.02 to 24.02

Working days: 15.02 (Sunday) and 28.02 (Saturday)


Ching Ming Festival

清明节 Qīngmíngjié

05.04 (Sunday)

Legal Holiday: 05.04

Day of rest: 06.04 (Monday)


Labor Day


From 01.05 to 03.05 (3 days)

Legal Holiday: 01.05 (1 day)


Dragon Boat Festival

端午节 Duānwǔjié

20.06 (Saturday)

Legal Holiday: 20.06

Day of rest: 22.06 (Monday)


Mid-Autumn Festival


27.09 (1 day)

No compensated leave day due to proximity to National Holiday.


National Day


From 01.10 to 07.10 (7 days)

Legal Holiday: 01/02/03.10 (3 days)

Days of rest: 04/05/06/07.10

Working day: 10.10 (Saturday)


For each holiday there is a distinction between “legal holiday” and “days of rest”. If an employee works during the “legal holiday”, the company must pay him the 300% of the daily value of his salary. However, if the employee works during the “day of rest”, the company can choose either to pay the 200% of the daily value of his salary or to grant an additional day of rest to replace the one in which the employee worked.

In addition, in China, there are also holidays, not listed in the notice mentioned, in which it is possible to recognize to employees half-day working. Among these, the most important are:


Women’s day

国际妇女节Guójì fùnǚjié


On March 8th, only women have half day off.


Youth’s day



On May 4th, workers from 14 to 28 years old have half day off


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